Reader Question:

we went out from the basic date and things seemed good. There is flirty eye contact many making out. However, I can’t determine if she really loves myself or if it’s simply simply lust amongst the two of you. Because this lady is quite shy and can curb her thoughts, We have problems reading the girl.

Any suggestions on which she really feels?


Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

Dear Daniel: listed here is the great thing about courtship. Any time you hang in there long enough, you’re able to find out how everything works out.

Discover, of course, strategies to fast ahead this relationship that can virtually assure a tragic closing.

For-instance, in case your figures have sex before they have commitment, you may possibly see a world full of regrets and apologies. Of course, if your own male head pushes for continuously emotional interaction too quickly, chances are you’ll see a scene in which she actually is running away down a rainy road at breakneck rate.

Just wait. The moments will have in restaurants, movie theaters, in the home cooking together or performing common activities. Shortly you will know.

Just in case the film drags on too long while still don’t know……well, then you’ve a box office bomb.

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